A Warm Welcome to Our New Students

Back to normal! It’s great to have our 4-year MChiro students back in the building again at the start of term. Although throughout the pandemic we have been teaching our students on campus for practical and clinical studies, it is a real milestone to go back to normal for the entire curriculum and to see our students back face-to-face engaging with everyone – just as they used to!

There have been some advantages to online learning, and we will keep the best of that, but so many students have struggled with isolation during the pandemic, we are particularly pleased to bring them back fully onto campus once again.

There have been some real changes over the summer, one of which is the significant upgrade to our IT and virtual learning environment (VLE) to enhance the students’ learning experience.

Here they are in the lecture

theatre logging on for the first time with their laptops and mobile devices and getting used to the new look and feel of the system.

The day after lessons begin in earnest!

If you are interested in becoming a chiropractor, our January intake for the MChiro is currently recruiting.

We also have a January Access programme for those who do not have the correct qualifications for direct entry.

Please contact us for more information.