Spanish Partnership with the Fujitega Foundation

The McTimoney College is pleased to announce it has just formalised an agreement with this charitable research foundation to pursue common objectives with regard to furthering chiropractic in Spain.

Founded and led by two prominent chiropractic educators and researchers, Ricardo Fujikawa and Arantxa Ortega, the Foundation’s objectives are to promote chiropractic research in Spain, to collaborate and promote quality education and training and to provide chiropractic care for vulnerable collectives.

Outstanding Contribution Award

Our Principal, Professor Christina Cunliffe, was presented with the Outstanding Contribution Award for 2022 at the McTimoney Chiropractic Association Annual General Meeting. In the College’s 50th anniversary year, this award recognises her many personal achievements including the establishment of the College of Health and the development of the McTimoney College of Chiropractic in the north of England and, just recently, overseas.


The birth of chiropractic

September 18th marked 127 years since chiropractic was founded!

In the year 1895, D.D. Palmer, the founder of chiropractic, performed the first adjustment in Davenport, Iowa, USA. We now count on chiropractors to provide chiropractic care around the world and each of them helps people improve their lives through this amazing approach to maintaining and improving health.

The McTimoney College of Chiropractic has been proud to be a Chiropractic educational institution for 50 years and we look forward to training the chiropractors of the future in the decades to come.


McTimoney comes to Spain!

 The McTimoney College of Chiropractic is delighted to announce that it will be opening a new campus in central Madrid this autumn and delivering our well-established and validated full time Master of Chiropractic (MChiro) programme from our new European base. We are very excited about this amazing opportunity to expand chiropractic in Spain as a tangible way of celebrating our 50th year of operation.
Our recruitment of students is in full swing, so if anyone wants to find out more and is interested in enrolling with us to become a chiropractor, please contact us to talk about how it might work for you.
If you are interested in joining the programme please contact us at or call us at +4401235523336
We still have openings for some academic teaching staff, preferably bi-lingual and locally-based. Please send in your CV if you wish to be considered.


Rojigualda, Proportion 2:3, Flag of Spain.

World Congress of Chiropractic Students (WCCS)

Two of our students were financially supported to attend the World Congress of Chiropractic Students (WCCS) held this year in Johannesburg, South Africa.  Such events help students understand what is going on in chiropractic and chiropractic education around the world and, of course, provide great opportunities for them to interact with other students in an open, exciting learning environment.

As a testament to how they were received, it is a huge credit to them that we now have two students elected to senior positions within the WCCS.   Brian Millar is now President of the Board of Directors of WCCS, and Sandy Thompson is European Regional Coordinator.

We are very proud of our students and congratulations to them both!



Teaching Collaboration with the University of Ulster

One of the great advantages of being validated by the University of Ulster is its strong health faculty and the opportunities for us to engage in collaborative interdisciplinary learning.  At the end of July, clinic interns and pre-clinic students took advantage of this by attending our first summer school at the University’s new medical school on the McGee campus in Londonderry.  Part of a new campus dedicated to the life sciences, this was the perfect location to engage with practitioners and students from across healthcare.

The format involved presentations from a wide range of different health care disciplines, followed by interaction with students currently learning on those programmes and case-based discussions on the best way to deal with individual patient presentations. This was a rich and invigorating programme that has helped our future practitioners gain valuable broader insight into the breadth of patient care.


50th Anniversary Celebration

McTimoney College celebrated its 50th anniversary on Sunday, 26th June.  Highlights included one of our first graduates, Stan Harding, giving a talk on the early years of training with John McTimoney and our first 25 years.  This was followed by our Principal, Christina Cunliffe, talking about some of the amazing developments that have happened in the following 25 years including our multiple accreditations and our new ventures as part of the College of Health. After speeches, of course there had to be champagne and cake!

This was also the perfect opportunity to welcome Roger Saunders and his family as we dedicated our large seminar room to the memory of his wife, Kay Saunders.  Kay practised for many years in Wallingford and was a gifted and much loved part of the Oxfordshire McTimoney community.


Prestigious award

The College Principal, Professor Christina Cunliffe, was recently awarded the accolade of Honorary Doctor in Healthcare Leadership.  The ceremony took place in the impressive surroundings of Central Hall Westminster in the heart of London.

A Fellow of the Royal Society of Biology, and a Fellow of the Royal College of Chiropractors, she served for many years on the regulatory body for chiropractic, the General Chiropractic Council, and was founding Dean of BPP University’s School of Health.

This award recognises Christina’s long standing, widely recognised and continuing leadership within the chiropractic profession.  Alongside managing the ongoing success of the College, Christina is a well published researcher and a reviewer for the Quality Assurance Agency.  She also finds time to run her own chiropractic practice.

The entire team at the College would like to congratulate her on her achievements and this important national recognition.



College joins forces with the International Federation of Sports Chiropractic (FICS)

We are pleased to share the following press release from the International Federation of Sports Chiropractic:

World Olympic Scholarship Program:


FICS are excited to announce the addition of McTimoney College of Chiropractic to our World Olympian Scholarship Program. The program is now celebrating its 20th year, with ten participating Colleges and Universities providing full academic scholarships for Olympians wishing to move into careers in chiropractic.  Olympians selected for this program serve as Ambassadors for the Olympic Movement and Chiropractic as advocates for how the profession fundamentally enhanced the Olympian’s athletic pursuit.


The College fully supports the work of FICS nationally and internationally, and that is why we have offered our scholarship to the MChiro programme as part of the FICS Olympian scholarship programme – the only one in Europe to do so.  FICS provides incredible backing for students through seminars and other activities that support them on their journey to becoming a chiropractor working with sports men and women at all levels.  In support of this, the College has launched a new Sports Club to run alongside the existing Philosophy, Business, Research, Library and Chiropractic Technique Clubs.  These clubs are designed to provide extracurricular experiences for students in their particular area of interest.


Supporting Students to achieve their dreams

As costs of living increase we recognise that life as a student can be difficult.  Here at the College we pride ourselves in providing high levels of support for our students, whether that be academic, pastoral, emotional or financial.

To help our students manage in these challenging times, we provide funding towards, for example, new laptops, improved broadband connections or travel grants to help them fill the car and come to study with their peers.

We also provide funds for students who have come to us from a background of living in care, as well as supporting students with international registration fees and attending professional events.

It is always humbling to read how much some students struggle financially and yet remain resolute in their dream to become a chiropractor.   We continue to do our best to support them in that dream!