Education Technology (MVetChiro)

Technology Enhanced Learning

Alongside a wide range of animal skeletons, research equipment such as pressure algometers, library facilities and practical teaching aids, the College offers a range of technology enhanced approaches to learning and teaching to further enhance the educational experience of our students. These range from our cutting edge Anatomage simulation tables through to our easy-to-use and access online Virtual Learning Environment.

Anatomage Simulation Tables

One of the most technologically advanced 3D anatomy visualisation and virtual dissection tools for anatomy and physiology education in the world, the Anatomage Simulation tables allow students to access online cadavers and interact electronically with many different animal bodies, enabling greater understanding of the complex structures and functions of the animal body.

Anatomage has been adopted by many of the world’s leading medical schools, as its innovative approach to digital anatomy presentation, radiology software and clinical content to revolutionise the way that students can access human and animal bodies.

Online Teaching Delivery

Together with high quality, interactive and student focused face-to-face delivery of lectures, seminars, technique and clinical teaching, the College also delivers enhanced learning online as part of our blended approach to teaching.

Our online teaching, through robust delivery platforms, enables flexible learning to our students at times to suit their study patterns across the range of programmes. 

Recordings of Lectures & Seminars

To support the learning process for students, academic lectures are recorded to provide a resource for students to refer back to and to help reinforce assimilation of knowledge and understanding as students’ progress through the programme.

These recordings are placed in our Virtual Learning Environment for ease of access for students.


Virtual Learning Environment

The College provides students with access to our supportive and innovative online Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) platform.

The VLE provides students with online access to timetables, lecture content and access to a whole host of innovative learning resources to support learning.

Digital Learning Resources

Through our VLE, students can access a range of supportive learning materials to aid their learning.

These include:

  • CABI VetMed & Elsevier Vet Collection provide access to specialist animal publications
  • A wide range of online books tailored specifically to the animal programmes
  • Additional Resources with animal case studies, links to relevant educational sources to assist with practical training in gait analysis, lameness, or industry-relevant information.

Students also have access to:

  • Elsevier Life Science collection is the leading source of literature covering the broad spectrum of health publications
  • CINAHL is the world’s most comprehensive source of full texts for allied health journals
  • EBSCO eBook collection for online access to a whole range of textbooks
  • Anatomy TV allows students to engage with detailed 3D anatomical models which are fully interactive.
  • PubMed is the most comprehensive source of research material on human medical and allied health topics