Programme Aims & Outcomes

Programme Aims

The aim of the qualification is to provide the knowledge, understanding and skills to pursue and sustain careers in private and public care sector organisations via an integrated academic and professional training environment.

It seeks to develop skills appropriate, but not restricted to, graduate study in health with the potential for general employability, including self-employment.

This programme equips its graduates to:

  • enable participants to study health at a higher level through the medium of English, particularly understanding of English scientific language;
  • enable participants to improve their ability in English and Study Skills, particularly in the area of health;
  • develop an embedded understanding of the main themes of the academic study of health care in UK universities, and in particular to enable students to follow a Higher Education programme;
  • gain knowledge and skills for optimising career opportunities;
  • engage with and employ acquired study skills to aid academic progression;
  • realise potential and strive toward set goals in higher level education or training;
  • gain confidence in their own abilities and capabilities;
  • be better placed for embarking on health related careers;
  • gain a sound foundation in the basic concepts of chemical and physical science;
  • explore basic concepts and theories within the context of health and the wider science arena.

Programme Learning Outcomes

Knowledge and Understanding

Students should be able to demonstrate:

  • The essential concepts underpinning academic English Language.
  • Understanding of key scientific concepts in relation to health, and to complete tasks and address problems that, while well defined, may be non-routine.
  • Appreciation of the various study processes, procedures, and practices that are applied within undergraduate study in the UK.

Cognitive Skills

Students should be able to:

  • Begin to interpret and evaluate relevant information and ideas and to decide on an appropriate response.

Professional Skills and Attitudes

Students should be able to:

  • Begin to identify, select and use appropriate skills, methods and procedures relevant to the healthcare sector.
  • Begin to understand the strategies and actions that can affect their future development, including the concepts of ethical and professional practice and life-long learning.

General Transferable Skills

Students should be able to:

  • Begin to take responsibility for initiating and completing tasks, including, where relevant, responsibility for supervising or guiding others.
  • Begin to exercise autonomy and judgement within limited parameters.

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