Graduate Certificate in Animal Therapy

The Programme

This programme is unique in that it provides a career path for those with a degree in equine science to become a professional animal manipulator.

In the first instance, completion of this programme provides the graduate with a practical hands-on skill in equine & canine massage from which they can start to build an animal therapy business.

It is, however, also an entry route into the MSc Animal Manipulation programme, which is currently unique in Europe in that it is the only Masters level course that trains students in Animal Manipulation using chiropractic techniques.

Providing academic knowledge and practical hands-on clinical training, it prepares students for an independent career as an animal practitioner.

The programme is taught over one year, and leads to the award by Ulster University of a Graduate Certificate in Animal Therapy. The academic year begins in June of each year, and the annual intake is limited.

Aims and objectives of the programme

The overall aim of this programme is to provide those with a non-manipulative background the requisite skills to enter the MSc in Animal Manipulation. Specifically, it aims to introduce:

  • Animal sciences, including anatomy, physiology and biomechanics
  • An understanding of the philosophy and history of the profession
  • A range of training exercises relevant to future adjusting skills
  • Palpation skills
  • Massage skills
  • Animal handling skills
  • Professional skills
  • Business skills

By the end of this programme, students will be able to demonstrate basic competency in relevant palpation, psychomotor and communication skills, as well as an understanding of the history and philosophy of the profession, and the business and professional skills necessary to start their career in animal therapy.

On satisfactory completion of this programme, students will have the skills to start their own animal therapy business and be eligible to enroll on the MSc Animal Manipulation programme.