Webinar & Information Evening series for Animal Chiropractic

The McTimoney College of Chiropractic is delighted to announce a series of webinars focused on the effective use of the McTimoney treatment approach for animals.

These free-to-attend Zoom webinars will focus on a variety of different topics.

We will also be offering a series of Online Information evenings for individuals interested in pursuing a career in McTimoney Animal Chiropractic.

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For more information about the events please see below.



  • The role of animal chiropractic in rehabilitation of injuries – Tuesday 21st March 730pm

Injuries and disease are fairly common in our equine and canine friends resulting in expensive vet bills and long-term care and these injuries can produce movement patterns that do not simply revert to ‘normal’ again post-healing.

By understanding how animals compensate for these conditions we can devise the most effective ongoing programme of care for our horses and dogs, including the use of chiropractic care to understand where these compensations are manifesting.

McTimoney treatment focusses on achieving symmetry, alleviating compensatory movement patterns and thereby improving athletic performance.

This webinar brings you the latest research and case studies on how to review animals with compensatory and habitual movement patterns to enable the best quality of ongoing care.

Presented by McTimoney Animal Association members and research staff from the McTimoney College of Chiropractic, Dr Emma Punt and Vanessa Davidson

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  • Getting the most from your performance horse – Tuesday 9th May 730pm

Whether you are at the start of your horse’s competitive career or have competed for many years up to top level, this webinar will cover a range of considerations for all owners and riders. From analysis of conformation to use of static and dynamic tests and exercises, owners and riders can utilise these tools to analyse their own horses and devise their own tailored programme to address weaknesses and build on strengths.

McTimoney treatment is gentle, light and extremely effective for performance animals under a heavy training workload or where compensatory patterns of movement have become established due to underlying conditions.

Speakers include McTimoney Animal Association members and research staff Amanda Powell and Nikki Routledge from the McTimoney College of Chiropractic

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  • Managing the young animal from birth to adult – Tuesday 3rd October 730pm

There is so much conflicting information on the best way to raise our puppies or young horses from birth to adulthood, including advice on training, feeding, socialisation and more. This webinar will analyse the key points we all need to consider and the current research-based advice relating to these issues.

McTimoney treatment focusses on achieving symmetry and thereby improving your animal’s athletic performance and comfort in daily life and can be applied from a very young age to facilitate a young animal’s growth and development.

Speakers include McTimoney Animal Association members and research staff Nikki Routledge and Vanessa Davidson from the McTimoney College of Chiropractic

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Speaker Bios

  • Nikki Routledge MSc PGCLT FHEA BSc (Hons) MMAA AHPR Reg’d McTimoney Animal Chiropractor

Nikki Routledge MSc MMAA, is a qualified McTimoney Animal Practitioner who has been treating competitive and pet horses and dogs in South West England for over 20 years. Nikki also enjoys teaching students at the McTimoney College of Chiropractic, being able to pass on the knowledge and skills which have given her such a varied and interesting career working with so many animals and their owners, to a new generation of animal chiropractic practitioners. Nikki says “Every day is different and every animal I see is an individual, and that makes my work rewarding…. I hope to continue working and teaching for many years to come”.

  • Vanessa Davidson MSc PGCE SFHEA BSc (Hons) MMAA AHPR Reg’d McTimoney Animal Chiropractor

Based in Somerset, Vanessa Davidson is an active McTimoney Animal Practitioner, maintaining a small client base treating primarily horses and dogs. Vanessa has also taught, managed and written educational programmes over the past 20 years. Vanessa enjoys being involved in the education of practitioners, and being able to advocate the importance of maintaining and improving standards in education to ensure the highest quality of work once qualified. Vanessa is also involved in the McTimoney Animal Association with whom practitioners register with upon graduation. Vanessa says: “I am passionate about opportunities for lifelong learning and am dedicated to furthering the presentation of evidence based research to promote the benefits of the McTimoney technique. I love combining my passion for treating animals with teaching the technique to others”.

  • Dr Emma Punt PhD MSc PGCLT FHEA MMAA McTimoney Animal Chiropractor

Dr Emma Punt has over 15 years  experience as a McTimoney therapist specialising in Equine and Canine therapy and rehabilitation. With a first degree and PhD plus post-doctoral research experience from The University of Birmingham  Emma is now one of the College’s Senior  Tutors examiners and research supervisors. Emma has also worked with Jaguar Land Rover helping to develop a new safer towing technology and is the Research Lead for BARTA (British  Animal Rescue and Trauma Care Association) pioneering research with Nottingham Trent University into equine transportation. In addition, Emma has worked in Europe treating horses, running performance clinics and supporting research projects.


  • Amanda Powell MSc BSc (Hons) MMAA McTimoney Animal Chiropractor

Amanda Powell qualified as a McTimoney Animal Chiropractor in 2014 and runs a busy equine and canine practise with many clients across Gloucestershire. Amanda has a keen interest in competition horses and ex-racehorse rehabilitation, building on her knowledge gained in her first degree in Equine Sports Science. A member of the McTimoney Animal Association, practical tutor and assessor for the McTimoney College of Chiropractic, Amanda is also continuing on with post-graduate research into the field of rider-handedness and equine performance. Amanda says,“ I love the variety of animals I see; each case is a different challenge and it is always interesting and fulfilling to see owners achieve success with cases starting from scratch.”